Jumat, 14 April 2017

"Master Chef" from alley Batubara

If you hear the word food that comes in your brain certainly is sweet, salty, spicy, savory, and others. And now I'm going to interview someone who is an expert in food. Before I start with the contents of this blog, I will introduce the speakers.

Her name is Zubaidah or commonly called Kak Ida. She is my mother. She has expertise cook all foods, cooking with a delicious flavor. I say her food delicious not because she was my mother but everyone said that she made tasty food.

She usually sells side dishes for everyday, she also received an catering order, and she also received an order cakes for the feast.

There were some questions I asked to my mom. Here are the answers from her :D

Since what age you learn to cook?
o   I started to learn to cook of 13 years old, I should be able to cook because my mother had a restaurant. I can not possibly let she cook alone.

Why do you like to cook?
o   I love to cook because this is my income but not because it alone. I love cooking because it can make people happy, when they eat and are satisfied with the taste of their food will certainly feel happy.

What foods are most often ordered?
o   The food was most often ordered in fact almost all of them but there are some foods that I will mention is “Sambal goreng”, roast chicken, “rendang jengkol”, and other.

Can you give tips on doing business in the culinary world?
o   Do not be afraid to be judged, make the assessment that be your motivation. If other people say your food is expensive, proving tastes your food deserve to be given the price.
 That's it, i hope you like it and can motivation for you. See you in my next blog. Byeee..

Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without Color

Maybe you've heard the word color blindness. Color blindness is the desreased ability to see color or differences in color. I am grateful, I can see color or differences in color.
I have a friend who is color blindness. I think it is a funny thing, until I find out what it is color blindness. For people with color blindness turns out it is a sad thing, because they can not see the beauty of the colorful world.
Color blindness have three types of inherited or congnital color vision deficiencies :
-        Monochromacy, also known as "total color blindness", is the lack of ability to distinguish colors (and thus the person views everything as if it were on a black and white television); caused by cone defect or absence. Monochromacy occurs when two or all three of the cone pigments are missing and color and lightness vision is reduced to one dimension.
-        Dichromacy is a moderately severe color vision defect in which one of the three basic color mechanisms is absent or not functioning.

-        Anomalous trichromacy is a common type of inherited color vision deficiency, occurring when one of the three cone pigments is altered in its spectral sensitivity.

Normal eyesight

Therefore I can not imagine my life without color. Will the same happiness as we can see all the colors?