Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Final Examination - "The Negative Impact of Sinetron"

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Hay ladies and gantlemen, before I start the discussion, I will introduce my self. My name is Tika Rahmawati.
Oke, now I want to tell you of development of the times. Lately in social media or real life I always hear the criticism about sinetron. Most of which they criticism is about the negative impact of sinetron. They say that children in the 2000’s more imitate the sinetron scenes. The examples is smoking, racing on the street, disobeying parents, or many children who are dating.
Which becomes a question,”is it true that the negative impact the occurs because the sinetron?”. Which I know from the past have been many sinetron impression on various television station. But why do children in 90’s not feel the impact? Actually i don’t know if there are not negative impact or not expose? I guess there are negative impact but children in 90’s are not expose, because today’s technology is much more advanced, for example social media. Probably in the 90’s social media already exist but not as advanced and as much as now.
Of course the children will play social media. They must see and imitate the older person’s post. So, infact the biggest negative impact is not due to sinetron but the development of the times especially social media. Then in the 90’s that made the impact not so great because on television more content for children, like many cartoon shows on weekend.
That the more awaited impression of 90’s children is appropriate for their age. For children 90’s they prefer to sit in front of the television while watching cartoons or playing with friend in the sun.
I also want to tell something that distrubs me. Recently I got info from one of my friends, that there are children who do adult scenes?! Do you think that the impact of sinetron? I do not think so.
I’m confused with the development of the times, i’m afraid the negative impact will be more and more. So, I hope we can becomes one of the people who can prevent the negative impact of the development of the times.
If not us who else? If not now when again?
I think that’s all i can say. I’m Tika Rahamawati.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Expo Education

My blog this time will tell my activities on Tuesday May 9, 2017.
On Tuesday my English class did not do the usual learning, me and my friends were assigned Miss Dini to visit the Education Expo at Auditorium Untan in order to celebrate Dies Natalis Untan.
I visited seven booths, two of them Amcor booth and UPT Language booth. Do you guys want to see how the atmosphere is there?

Looks quiet because we came very early, even when we come there are some booths that have not been opened :D
Okay, I'll explain one by one the booth I visited.

1.       Mapala Untan Booth
This is my picture when I was in the Mapala booth.
I was interested in this booth because during high school I joined Sispala organization. At this booth they showcase the clothing commonly used by climbers, tents, carriers, shoes, climbing tools and some awards. You can see on the pictures.

2.       Forestry Faculty Booth
In this booth showcased several awards, musical instruments typical of Borneo, some animals are preserved (Me and my friends call it “Asinan Kodok” haha..), they also show off the invention from their dean, the named is Untan Tree Biomass Carbon Meter (UBKM).

3.       Faculty of Math and Science Booth
When first entered they showed off some of the awards and fluids they made. Then there are tools and clothes for snorkeling, there are also some robots that they create. Beside it there are many animals that are preserved, one of which is Moonrat. This rat is larger than most. Near the exit there is a game called "Om Geser Om". If you ever watched Mr. Bean, you must know this game.

4.       Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Booth (Chemical Education and Biology Education)
At this booth showcased some learning comics, DNA form samples, and they also provide blood tension facilities and blood type checks.

5.       UPT Language Booth
This booth showcased several books with various languages like arabic, korea, japan and english. They also sell some books and games.

6.       AMCOR Booth
At this booth also showcased some books but the most interesting is the challenge of playing UNO, for the winner will get the prize. I am one of the winners, I get a notebook.

7.       Menwa Booth
This booth is showing off some Menwa uniforms, shoes, hats, velbed, photos of several generations, and some awards.

Yup! That is my experience while visiting the Expo education. SEE YOU IN MY NEXT BLOG, BYEE...